Emberdine Chronicles

Sessions 1-3
The Adventure Begins

Alain, Akiya, Chali, and Hannibal are going after the kobold bounty offered by the Lord Warden.

Keyleth, Khulden, Rook, Scrag, and Strigos have been contracted by Lord Warden Faren Markelhay with the task of investigating the rumors of the Iron Circle mercenaries in Harkenwold, putting an end to their tyranny, and restoring Baron Stockmer to his rightful place. They arrived in Harkenwold to find a farmhouse nearly put to the torch by a group of Iron Circle brigands. They rescued Ilyana, who informed them about Reithann and Dar Gremath. The party journeyed south to Albridge, where they spoke with Dar Gremath, who told them his plan – to draw out the leader of the Iron Circle into a pitched battle. The best ways for them to help will be to pick fights with the brigands, to waylay their caravans, and to enlist the aid of Tor’s Hold by helping those folk with their fight against the Toadwallow bullywugs.

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